What we offer…

Shift Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Your business can have Zero processing fees

The current 70+ year old Traditional Credit Card processing system is out dated and being replaced …


A revolutionary payment platform that allows merchants to eliminate their credit card processing fees forever

A big change for businesses now that credit cards have become the standard way of payment

ZERO processing fee

That’s right …

  No credit card processing fee

 No Contracts  •  No Equip Cost

 Use on ANY platform or devices

 Keep more of Your money every month saved on processing fees!



For the past 70+ years, businesses had to absorb the cost of credit card transactions … No more!

Due to changes in card network rules, you now have an option for all your credit card transactions



WAVit works for ANY business that accepts credit cards.

EASY seamless change over without any disruption of your business.  Our POS Team comes out to install & set you up


Here an amazing offer & a promise we stand by with WAVit …

With WAVit there are No Contracts, No Equipment cost, No rates to pay, No cancellation fees. Try WAVit and the POS Team will install your equipment & show you how easy it is to use.  If for any reason at any time, you do not like it, or want to cancel, we will either put you back on Traditional Processing like you were on and beat ANY offers from ANY other providers or we will send you a FedEx Tag for the equipment … and part ways as friends … You can’t lose when you try this money saving credit card processing platform for your business for free.

The WAVit Team

Our amazing team provides all the details & answers all your questions …

The first step is to hear what the WAVit platform is all about, how easy it is, and can be used on any platform, with any processor and on a variety of payment devices that you may currently use, even contactless payments.  You’ll easily see that it’s the most economical way to accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS transactions.  You can do this even if you’re currently on a contract or think you’re stuck in a contract.  It doesn’t matter.  Reclaim your money that you are paying every month for credit card processing.

Call to set up a short phone-call appointment to get the answers to your questions … 

Get a Free comparison quote for WAVit & for Traditional processing on your current fees

And know this… There is absolutely… No obligation…

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